Crayola Silly Scents Washable Paint

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Crayola silly scents scented washable paint is infused with 6 flavourful scents and colours to match!

Each bright, bold paint colour has a unique scent: cherry (red), orange (orange), pineapple (yellow), green apple (green), blueberry (blue) and fruit punch (Violet). great for all arts and crafts or classroom projects, kids will get a kick out of painting with fun scented colours. these washable paints wash off skin and can be easily cleaned from most clothing fabrics for worry free fun. Includes six 2Ounce bottles of washable scented paint in 6 vibrant colours.

  • Includes six 2Ounce bottles of Washable, scented paint in six different vibrant colours
  • Kids love to paint and scented Washable paints create a whole new art experience.
  • Bright, bold Washable paints with amazing scents: cherry (red), orange (orange), pineapple (yellow), green apple (green), blueberry (blue), fruit punch (violet)
  • Bottles have green caps to help differentiate from other Crayola non-scented Washable paints
  • Washability you can trust from Crayola


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