Facial Pore Cleaner Vacuum

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Provides a mini facial in the comfort of your own home!

Keeping our skin looking fresh and pimple-free is no easy task but with this Facial Pore Cleaner Vacuum, that task has become 'rejuvenating'. It uses a non-invasive suction technique that is gentle to the touch to help remove pores or blackheads, grease and dead skin on your face while deep cleansing. It is also suitable for treating dry, sagging or dull skin. The device also massages the skin improving the blood and lymphatic circulation, giving the skin a youthful and glowing look.


  • Package Includes: 1x Suction Beauty Device, 1x USB cable, 1x Operation manual, 4x heads, 2 rubber rings, 5 sponges
  • Different suction strengths
  • Suitable for treating dry, sagging and dull skin 
  • Helps stimulate the dermis improving skin quality and elasticity
  • Helps remove the pores or blackheads, grease and dead skin

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