Pic 'n Mix Velcro Games - Pizza

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These colourful pizza set puzzles made from plastic cards in the box provide children with an excellent introduction to the kitchen games!

Pizza puzzle with different add-ons serves as learning toys for girls and boys.

Boxes with the funny and easy matching game for a baby encourages early motor skills with bright colourful puzzle illustrations.

Pic'nmix puzzle is an excellent Bath toy. With a little water - toddler can easily stick a puzzle to a bath, glass, or table.


Repetition of the matching hoop and loop connectors activity is key to building brain connections, so we use big, detailed, attention-getting photographs to illustrate commonly-used objects. Basic printing is large and easy to understand. And only matching pieces fit together so the learner knows when a match is made. These elements build enjoyment, and that leads to playing again and again.


The combination of simple images and big jigsaw shapes makes these puzzles an ideal way to foster confidence in your kid before school years; Self-correcting puzzle pieces improve logical and analytical thinking at an early age.

These puzzles are ideal for introducing and reinforcing basic words to new English-language learners in both structured and informal activities. Likewise, they are popular tools in speech therapy and memory care settings. The simple, uncluttered design helps reduce distraction and is not 'juvenile' toward adult users.

Family Fun

The game is for 2 or more players, great for parents and children to play together. Suitable for kids ages 3 and up

Not only does this activity teach spelling and memorization, but it helps children advance hand and eye coordination and their ability to play together

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