Water Slime Shaker Kit - Emoji

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The best Mini DIY Slime making kit for girls has arrived!

Make for great party gifts! If you're looking for toys / birthday gifts for kids 8 years+ this slime kit is a hit. 

Do you need to keep your kids busy after school? Do you want a quick and effective stress reliever? If so, then you can work on making this DIY Slime kit! This slime will keep your kids busy for hours...

Get creative! You can really be creative when making this DIY slime! You can add colours, mix colours, add beads, change the texture, add glitter, all of these great ideas will work! You will only need very basic ingredients to make this simple slime. 

SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: All the materials in this kit are safe and non-toxic. However, anything can be dangerous when used in the wrong way and against the direction provided. Play with kids and fun for kids ages 8 and up, and for parents too! Adults Supervision is recommended.

lf you get a group of kids together, they are probably going to end up making slime. If you get their parents together, they are likely complaining about slime! These days, parents know the annoyance of the ever-popular DIY slime. The stickiness, the stained hands, the ruined carpet—we feel your pain! Because we care about your sanity, this Mini DIY fluffy slime kit won’t stick to hands, furniture, or carpet. This slime kit is easy to make and is not nearly as sticky and slimy as some of the others out there. This DIY slime kit features easy-to-follow instructions. You can use the slime kit in all sorts of games or as a sensory activity. Play your favourite fluffy DIY slime game to make yourself out of the daily stressed-out life and bring yourself into a relaxed feel.

Enjoy these messy moments—there will come a day when you are going to miss them!


  • Pink or Purple (randomly selected)
  • Brand: YoYo Lip Gloss
  • Keep away from the eyes. In cases of eye contact, wash out the eye thoroughly with plenty of clean water, If irritation or redness persists seek medical attention.
  • Use under adult supervision.
  • Do not eat or put in the mouth.
  • Wash hands well after use.
  • This toy is intended for use by children above 8 years of age.
  • Keep out of the reach of small children.
  • Not suitable for children under three years.

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