7 Reasons why you should Dermaplane for healthier, smoother skin!

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Ladies - it's time to shave your face with Dermaplaning...

What is Dermaplaning?

One of the trendiest hair-removal options today - Dermaplaning, which is a skincare treatment that involves using a small exfoliating scalpel to remove the topmost layer of skin, which typically contains dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and peach fuzz.

“This treatment results in ultra-smooth, fresh, and brighter skin. By removing that dead layer and hair from the face, the skin is evened out, and it helps with cell metabolism, which helps new skin come to the surface.”

The best news about dermaplaning is that you can do it yourself at home - no need for fancy, expensive salons! 

Let's delve into those 7 reasons why you should be dermaplaning:

1) It painlessly exfoliates the stratum corneum to stimulate cellular turnover with little to no downtime.

2) It is a great option for ladies with sensitive skin and pregnant women who are looking for a deep exfoliation.

3) It can be performed prior to treatments like facials, laser, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels for better product penetration.

4) It can be performed often for a glowing, brighter complexion.

5) It assists make-up application to create a smoother and more even appearance.

6) It can help significantly lighten post-inflammatory scars from past acne.

7) It does not make the hair grow back thicker and darker.

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What's the process from start to finish?

  1. First, thoroughly cleanse and dry the skin.
  2. Then, take your blade in one hand and place it at the jawline. Hold the skin tight/taut with your opposite hand. Gently stroke the dermaplaning tool in short, feathery like strokes upward. Continue until you have covered the full cheek and jawline area on both sides.
  3. Repeat on the lip, chin, nose, forehead, and neck. Do not repeat strokes on an area you have already covered.
  4. Once you're done, apply your treatment product or your moisturiser. You can repeat these steps every 3-4 days.


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