The Vibration Plate - Let's shake those kg's off!

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It is said that in comparison to traditional weight training, 10-15 minutes using vibration plate training, 3 times a week produces effective results. Getting to the gym or having sufficient weights and equipment at home can be a challenge, so why not go for vibration plate training - 1 piece of equipment and less time needed.

Whole-body vibration training involves standing, sitting or even lying on a machine with a vibrating platform. While performing different strength or balancing exercises, the machine delivers vibrations at different frequencies, typically ranging from 10-40Hz.

While the platform vibrates, it stimulates the muscle fibres, causing them to contract and relax – sometimes up to 60 times a second. This makes the exercise the person is performing more effective.

The reason whole-body vibration training is gaining interest is because it’s easier to do than regular exercise. This means even people who can’t exercise normally can still get similar benefits as they would from exercising. And for people who do exercise regularly, it could provide additional health benefits.

Benefits of vibration training:

    • Improve strength and stability
    • Improve muscle and bone quality
    • Increase bone mineral density
    • Improve communication between our muscles and nervous system
    • Aid weight loss and burn fat
    • Enhance blood flow
    • Reduce muscle soreness after exercise
    • Alleviate stress

Read more below from Health24 regarding vibration plates and vibration training:


The 8 Best Ways to Exercise with Vibration Plate
  1. Shoulder extension. Exercise muscles: arms, shoulders, back. 
  2. Plank. Exercise muscles: arms, back, core, leg.
  3. Hold ups. Exercise muscles: back, chest, shoulders, lower body. 
  4. Leg crunches. Exercise muscles: abdomen, legs. 
  5. Squat. 
  6. Quadruple stretch. 
  7. Lunge. 
  8. Heel elevation.

Read the full article here for detailed vibration plate exercises:

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